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You are about to make a very important decision by choosing a law firm to assist you with asserting or protecting your legal rights.   The Genia C. Philip Law Firm provides competent, high-quality legal representation to our clients.   We stand as strong advocates for our clients, their families, and their futures as we help them resolve difficult legal situations.

We protect our clients' rights through assertive representation in the courts, during negotiations and as we prepare transactional documents. 

The principal of our firm, Genia C. Philip, understands that an informed client plays an important role in the resolution of the legal matter at hand. In close consultation with you, we will thoroughly explore your legal options, the risks and costs of those options, and their likely outcomes.

Whether we are representing you in an immigration matter, civil litigation or a real estate closing, you can be assured that our overriding priority will be to achieve your goals, while protecting your rights and interests.

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