Civil Litigation

The Genia C. Philip Law Firm has attorneys who can assist in various areas of law and civil litigation.  A civil lawsuit can be filed by an individual, business, organization, or corporation against another individual, business, organization, or corporation.  Unlike criminal defense where the state or federal government brings charges against a defendant, in a civil defense case a private citizen sues another private citizen for monetary damages.  The Genia C. Philip Law Firm is experienced at protecting and defending people, businesses, organizations, and corporations who are being sued for damages.  We have experience defending clients in the following areas of law:

Business Law

Smalls Claims Actions

Special Civil Part Actions

Chancery & Law Division Actions

Estate and Probate

Employment Law

Contract Laws

Commercial Disputes

General Counsel

We look forward to working with you to ensure the effective resolution of your Civil Litigation matter.  Please contact us at (973) 645-1500 to schedule a consultation appointment.