Traffic Violations


It is almost inevitability that a driver will be pulled over and ticketed for a moving violation or for some other parking violation. In the past, most people simply paid their fines and vowed to be more careful next time. Today, fines, penalties and surcharges for traffic violations can be severe. You may lose your license and your insurance rates increase uncontrollably.  At the Genia C. Philip Law Firm, we are experienced in handling Traffic Violations throughout New Jersey.  Our experienced attorneys represent in the following areas:
Moving violations

                                                               Lifting Suspensions

                                                               License Restoration

                                                               Surcharges & Points

                                                               Failure to Exhibit Driver's License

                                                               Failure to Exhibit Car Insurance

                                                               Inspection Issues

                                                               Parking Violations

                                                               And more

We look forward to working with you to ensure the effective resolution of your Traffic Violation matter.  Please contact us at (973) 645-1500 to schedule a consultation appointment.